Life of a Neuron NYC 2022
Artist: ARTECHOUSE Studio
Minted on June 17 2022
Owner: 0x8f6f...10a3bb
Edition 1 of 100
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With this ARTECHOUSE Studio original artwork, you can forever own the story of the Life of a Neuron — and watch as the Hero Neuron is formed from brain matter and life experiences from birth to death. Originating from a real human prefrontal cortex, the Hero Neuron model is the first of its kind, with its electron microscopy data integrated, giving viewers unprecedented access to explore the brain.
A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying an NFT
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You can bid on an NFT using a debit/credit card or Ether.
Getting Ready to Bid
Sign into your LiveArt Account. To bid on NFTs on LiveArt, you can either do so through cash bidding or with a cryptocurrency wallet.
Cash Bidding
Unlike Ethereum, cash bidding does not take place over the Ethereum network and is therefore usually faster as a result. You do not need to create a metamask wallet to bid with a credit card. If you are the winner of the NFT, LiveArt supplies you with a wallet address so that you may access the work in the “My Acquisitions” tab on the LiveArt Market platform. If you obtain a Metamask wallet later, you can transfer your NFT to your personal Metamask wallets.
Step One: Place Your Bid
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Step Three: Bid Confirmation
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Ethereum Network Bidding
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Step One: Connect Your Wallet
You can connect your wallet at the upper right corner. Enter your password to log-in and accept the prompt on the signature request from your digital wallet. Once you do so you will have the ability to place a bid.
Step Two: Place Your Bid
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Step Three: Bid Confirmation
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Step Four: Bid Confirmation
Once the transaction successfully goes through, we will confirm that the bid is with you. If you are outbid, your funds will be returned to you immediately. If you have been outbid, your digital wallet will display an error message and deny the transaction and our product page will notify you to place another bid.
Associated Fees
When placing a bid on the Ethereum network, there is a fee charged for processing a transaction on the network. These gas fees vary in price due to network congestion and the size of the transaction.
Funding your wallet
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