Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies

About the Exhibition: Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies

Inspired by the idea of aṣẹ, the West African concept relating to our power to produce change, the Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies exhibition celebrates the historical, social and cultural aspects of the Black experience. This multi-sensory, innovative digital art exhibition merges Fraser's distinct style with ARTECHOUSE’s creative technologies to reenvision both historical imagery and familiar scenes - offering a 21st-century perspective on the timeless questions of identity, power and belonging. With ARTECHOUSE's Experiential NFTs, you have the opportunity to own a piece of Aṣẹ: Afro Frequencies — and to become part of the next wave of digital art collectors and join us in redefining audience participation.

Bridging the gap between fantasy and reality, Afro-surrealist Vince Fraser’s mission is to inspire and empower positive, powerful imagery of the African diaspora. Fraser regards himself as a new breed of artist in the digital age — combining elements of film and motion with his keen eye for detail and playful visual experimentation.

“Vision is the art of seeing what is impossible to others.” —Vince Fraser


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